"We do positive things in the healthcare community."

The Scrub B. Cares Fund program, is the community programming focus of ScrubBall Healthcare Conference and Gala, a 501(c)3 registered public charity. Our mission is to support and service healthcare workers in the community with efforts that serve them through community engagement, leadership development, continued education, and professional advancement. 

We use our awareness and recognition program to partner with amazing organizations dedicated to creating opportunities to celebrate the resiliency of healthcare workers and provide them with supportive efforts to encourage personal and professional development. 

Our awareness, outreach, and recognition program will partner with other organizations that:

a) help professionals look at ways to grow into leadership roles.

b) create opportunities to network within the ScrubBall community for great events and community engagement.

c) identify and disseminate in-kind support for healthcare workers and their families. 

d) award scholarship and honors to healthcare workers who meet our award criteria.  

The Scrub B. Cares Fund annual calendar begins June of each year and runs to the following June. 

Below you will find the multiple events and engagements we have for the 2023-2024 promotional calendar. 

Please reach out to find out how your organization can join us in providing these key programming efforts in the community.

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SIPS Consults Reprocessing Center Internship Program (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter)

Our new reprocessing center is in the Southern sector of Dallas. We have a commitment to provide opportunities for those students from areas of disparity by providing internship programs for high school students who can be streamlined into a great career. Helping these students become ideal candidates for many of the jobs we recruit for internally as well as positions for our partnering local hospitals and healthcare facilities.

ScrubBALL Cares Fund prides itself in its commitment to the next generation of healthcare workers. We provide scholarships to those in healthcare industries as well as a specific discipline, sterile processing.  We provide cash scholarships as well as scholarships for our sterile processing certification. Providing opportunity in our own community, allows individuals to bring those skills back to our community and create a better quality of life for their family.

Interviewing to Gain Professional Traction

Equipping our community members with skill sets can improve their performance but showing them what is needed to excel into management can change the quality of life for many. In this workshop we focus on management styles, career advancement that may include testing/assessment to demonstrate competency and also includes training to allow an individual to transition existing skills from one occupation or industry to another.

Career Development and Job Training Program

An exclusive two-day career development program assists participants in identifying workplace interests, marketable and transferable skills. Combined with career exploration, counseling by certified instructors, guidance, and basics for planning, this program sets a foundation for success.

Quarterly CU Workshops for Healthcare Workers

This sponsorship supports the efforts to provide quarterly opportunities for all healthcare workers to obtain their continued education credits needed each year in healthcare. This sponsorship makes it possible for all CU quarterly classes to be free to all healthcare workers.

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