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Engaging sessions providing insightful healthcare knowledge.


Network to make valuable professional healthcare connections.


Elegant gala celebrating healthcare professionals' dedication.

Scrubball conference & gala

What you’ll discover at ScrubBall

By attending ScrubBall, healthcare professionals get to experience a genuine recognition and appreciation for their dedication and contributions to the medical field. This acknowledgment serves as a morale booster, providing a sense of validation and encouragement that can enhance job satisfaction and motivation. The celebratory atmosphere of the event, highlighted by awards and accolades, not only honors the attendees but also reinforces a positive culture of respect and gratitude within the healthcare community. This benefit contributes to a nurturing and supportive environment, affirming the significant impact and value of the work done by healthcare professionals.

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A Message From ScrubBall's Chair



On behalf of the ScrubBALL Committee, we sincerely welcome you to the 4th Annual ScrubBALL Conference & Gala held in the beautiful city of Dallas, TX.


The past couple of years has brought us many ups and downs, changes, disappointments and losses of loved ones and special people.


Yet, despite it all, we’ve seen perseverance, victories, a determination to keep going and a desire to see the healthcare industry grow even stronger.


ScrubBALL Healthcare Conference & Gala 2024 is about celebrating all that the healthcare community has achieved and is continuing to achieve despite the many setbacks brought on by the pandemic. Celebrating the unsung heroes who have been the backbone of our country in this pandemic.


This conference will be one to share thoughts, learn, network and most importantly take time out to breathe and take inventory. Our hope is that you will have a productive, empowering, educational, and fun-filled weekend during this conference.

Deronda Lewis

ScrubBall Chair

Deronda Lewis

ScrubBall Chair