4th Annual Healthcare Event

ScrubBall 2025
Conference & Gala

Join us for the ultimate healthcare extravaganza that celebrates and pays tribute to the incredible healthcare heroes!


Join the Healthcare Celebration of the Year: Scrubball 2025

ScrubBall is more than just an event; it's a jubilant tribute to the dedicated healthcare professionals who tirelessly serve our communities. This year, we're taking our celebration to new heights, promising an unforgettable experience that blends education, entertainment, and inspiration.

Join us as we bring together the brightest minds and biggest hearts in healthcare. Scrubball 2024 is your opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, expand your knowledge, and celebrate the remarkable achievements of the industry.

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ScrubBall 2025

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Enjoy a comprehensive two-day experience of learning, networking, and recognition with healthcare professional like yourself and beyond.

Scrubball 2025

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$ 250 Person
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  • Evening Activities & Gala


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$ 2000 Group
  • Conference Package
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Evening Event
$ 150 Person
  • Saturday Evening Access
  • 3 Course Dinner
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Hank Balch

Hank Balch is the Founder & President of Beyond Clean, with extensive experience in Sterile Processing. Starting as a frontline technician in 2009, he has held roles including Instrument Database Specialist, Department Manager, and System Director. Hank is a recognized leader in the field, winning multiple awards and twice nominated for IAHCSMM President. He founded two state IAHCSMM chapters, has written over 200 articles, and is a prominent industry writer and social media expert. Hank is passionate about equipping Sterile Processing professionals to maintain high standards.

Sarah B. Cruz

Sarah B. Cruz is a certified CSSNerd and career strategist who works with Sterile Processing professionals to create objective-driven goals and develop their career mindset. She is a passionate industry speaker, published writer, social media enthusiast, mentor, and serves as CTSPA Chapter President and HSPA Director. Sarah is also an SP instructor at a local community college and the CS Quality Education Program Development Coordinator in her full-time role. She develops competencies and quality management systems, implementing standard work through lean processes. Sarah believes that if Sterile Processing is the heart of the hospital, then the technicians are the pulse. Her mission is to bring the industry to the frontline and demonstrate how to put the CSS in SUCCESS.

Dr. Natalie B. Jones

Dr. Natalie B. Jones is a prominent leader at AORN, specializing in compassionate leadership and effective communication with a focus on self-care. Her expertise is in enhancing team dynamics and patient care through empathetic leadership and clear communication strategies. Dr. Jones is recognized for her innovative approaches to professional development, particularly in integrating self-care principles to improve healthcare outcomes. She will address these themes in her upcoming talk on "Compassionate Leadership, Effective Communication/Self-Care."

Dr. Kathy A. Martin

Dr. Kathy A. Martin is the President and CEO of PTCG, with over two decades of experience in corporate America. She holds a PhD in Business specializing in 21st-century transformational change and a Master’s in HR Management. Dr. Martin has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, focusing on growing and developing people to drive success. She is known for identifying and resolving systemic issues and has been hosting leadership conferences for over 10 years. Her services include keynote speeches, virtual keynotes, thought leadership co-creation, and coaching. Dr. Martin will discuss these themes in her upcoming talk on "Transformational Leadership and Organizational Success."

Chasity Seymour

Chasity Seymour is a Senior Clinical Education Specialist at STERIS, focusing on professional development in healthcare. With extensive experience in Operating Room and Sterile Processing, she has held leadership roles such as Surgical Technology Program Coordinator and SPD Manager. Recognized for her expertise in high-level disinfection and sterilization, Chasity contributes significantly to educational initiatives. She will share her insights on "Establishing a Vision for Professional Growth" in her upcoming talk, aiming to inspire healthcare professionals in their careers.

Sharyn Combs

Sharyn Combs is a speaker, trainer, and Independent Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team at UCDI Leadership, focusing on leadership training and tailored mentoring. She holds certifications in Human Behavior Consulting and excels in professional development and leadership coaching. Sharyn is known for her effective communication skills and ability to inspire professionals towards achieving their full potential. With extensive experience in mentoring, she has a proven track record of success. Her services include keynote speeches, virtual training, thought leadership co-creation, and coaching. Sharyn will discuss the "Laws of Communication" in her upcoming talk on effective leadership communication

Dr. Megan Pickens

Dr. Megan draws on a decade of personal experience from a troubled relationship to deeply understand the importance of setting boundaries. Specializing in supporting High Achieving Black Women (HABW™), she empowers them to firmly establish boundaries and actively advocate for their own needs. Dr. Megan's work focuses on combating negative masculinity beliefs, with her openness and straightforward approach resonating strongly with her audience. As an experienced entrepreneur and counselor supervisor trainer, she delivers powerful talks that inspire individuals to embrace boundaries, leading to more fulfilling and enriched lives. Her efforts encourage personal growth and assertiveness, making a profound impact in the lives of many.

Honorable Toni Rose

State Representative Toni Rose has served Texas House District 110 since 2012, focusing on mental health reform, affordable healthcare, and criminal justice reform. An alumna of Paul Quinn College, she is Vice Chair of the House Subcommittee of Article II Appropriations and serves on key committees. Representative Rose has led initiatives to provide free breakfast to qualifying children, expand re-entry services, and increase funding for mental health and homeless services. Her healthcare legislation includes extending postpartum benefits and enhancing treatment for Sickle Cell Disease. Recognized by Texas Monthly as one of the best legislators, she is also Financial Secretary of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators and Deputy Whip of the Texas House Democratic Caucus.

Karen Cherry Brown

Karen Cherry-Brown has worked in healthcare for over 38 years and is the founder and president of SIP Consults and Kacy’s Properties. With an MBA from Amberton University, she is also a published author of two motivational books, "CSPD Management, What Should I Do" and "From Chicken Poop to Soup," her autobiography. Her documentary, “Prevailing Through Pain,” is now streaming on Tubi. Karen serves as a city councilwoman for Duncanville, TX, and is a member of Bethlehem Baptist in Mansfield. She enjoys working out, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Karen is dedicated to improving her community, advocating for quality healthcare and economic growth. Her leadership and personal journey inspire others, making her a sought-after speaker
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What Attendees Have Said About ScrubBall

Discover the enriching experiences and lasting impressions shared by healthcare professionals in our testimonials.

If you haven’t been to ScrubBall let me tell you about this amazing event. I must say I was totally amazed with the energy that everyone had, from the staff, to the attendees, to the amazing speakers. The topics discussed during each session touched home whether it was discussions about leadership, French fries 🍟, or those red outlets everyone hopes works in their department. This event was very eventful, a must attend event, from dancing sessions on the dance floor, to comedy shows with karaoke 🎤, to the Night Gala where everyone looked amazing. This experience was such a great experience to see all healthcare professionals learning together and enjoying themselves together as well.

Embry Alvarez Sterile Processing Manager

I had an absolutely incredible time at the ScrubBall event in Dallas! From the moment I arrived, the atmosphere was electric with excitement. The organizers did an outstanding job of creating a memorable experience. The presentations were top-notch, and the energy from the attendees was contagious. I danced, laughed, and celebrated with fellow attendees, making new friends along the way. The event was a perfect blend of entertainment, great food, and an overall amazing vibe. I can't wait for the next ScrubBall event and the opportunity to create more fantastic memories!

Deannard E. SP Alchemist

I had the pleasure of attending ScrubBall, and it was truly an amazing event! The energy from everyone, including the staff, attendees, and speakers, was simply incredible. The sessions covered a range of topics, from insightful discussions on leadership to lighthearted moments about French fries and those infamous red outlets we all hope work in our departments. The event was not only educational but also incredibly fun. From lively dance sessions to entertaining comedy shows with karaoke, every moment was memorable. The Night Gala was a highlight, where everyone looked stunning. It was a fantastic experience to witness healthcare professionals coming together to learn, share, and enjoy each other's company. ScrubBall is a must-attend event, and I highly recommend it for both the enriching content and the enjoyable atmosphere.

Nancy Smith Registered Nurse
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